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These ring pashmina stoles are woven from fine 60count pure cashmere yarn. it is a simple, classic style that you can use to multiply your wardrobe! They measure 70x200cm (27x80inches), so you can wear them open like a shawl or double it up and wear as an incredibly soft scarf. They come with an open fringe. You can also have them especially made with or without tassels in any colour.

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100 Count Pashminas

Mypashmina Swatchbook

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Dear Mypashmina team

I just wanted to write and thank you for my beautiful ring shawl which arrived today. And for the brilliant service: I received it in under 24 hours without paying for priority delivery!

The shawl feels so luxuriously soft and I love the subtle colour of it. I've found that "pashminas" vary - even though they all state that they are 70% cashmere/30% silk, some are soft and others feel as harsh as wool. I have very sensitive skin, can't wear wool and thought I was taking a bit of a chance ordering 100% cashmere but I am so glad I did - this feels gorgeous.

I can see that I will be tempted to order again in future!

With all best wishes

PS if you wanted to know how I found you - I'm very "into" personal colour analysis and I found the link on one of the PCA blogs I read, which happens to be based in Australia. Colour matching is so important if you've "had your colours done" - I've become slightly obsessional about mine!

19th September


Sarah and Paul

I wish to thank you for the off white gossamer 100% cashmere Pashima ring shawl that I ordered from you.
It is exactly what I was hoping for. Light, ethereal and warm.
It will be ideal for wearing in the evenings on my forthcoming cruise and afterwards. .
I also wish to thank you for your very prompt delivery. An excellent service.
Your catalogue and website is great.

Best regards
Mrs Lynne P

8th March