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These pashminas are made from 70% Cashmere / 30% Silk. We have about 60 colours in stock. Adding some silk to the mix allows the weavers to weave the fabric a little tighter and means the fabric has a slight sheen and is a bit heavier so it drapes. The large pashmina scarf is a full length pashmina measuring 200cm or 80inches long. It is half the width of a full shawl. You can wear it open over the shoulders or over the arms. Or you can double it up and pull it through the loop to wear it like a scarf, or simply wrap it round twice for extra cosyness! Classic pashminas come with the hand twisted tassels at each end.

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100 Count Pashminas

Mypashmina Swatchbook

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Dear Paul,
I recently received a pashmina ordered from your site and was just writing to say I was extremely impressed with every aspect of the service.
Choosing and purchasing the pashmina was quick and straightforward, there was a useful amount of information available on the site and the scarf was delivered swiftly.
On top of that the pashmina is very good quality, all at unbeatable value.
I highly recommend this web site to anyone considering purchasing a pashmina. I'd like to wish you every success with the continuation of this site.
Many thanks