Classic cashmere polo neck cashmere sweaters for her. The high, pure cashmere neck provides a warm, protective layer against the cold. Elegant and soft, a beautiful jumper for anyone.

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Hello! Three years ago I made a big investment and bought products from you: turtlenecks , scarves , gloves , wrist warmers , cap, gown and a hoodie . I’m still extremely happy with the products! Truly the most comfortable material available !
As I am extremely frozen , I always have frozen to constant throughout the winter. Nowadays , I always have a cashmere turtleneck as " undershirt " indoors at work and keeps me warm. Because I wear the clothes directly on the body so I wash them quite often ( polo sweaters almost every week during the winter months , of course, in the machine , 30 degrees with mild detergent ) any small repair I needed to do , but otherwise has the clothes kept very well. I actually think they get softer the more they are washed. Finger Mittens are lovely as " inner gloves " in a couple of " stickigare " sheep wool mittens. Do not know how I would do without your products ! Good looking , they are also , with nice colors that match well with the images on your website.
Just wanted to say that I’m very satisfied!
Sincerely Rachel
Thank you so much for the beautiful black polo neck I have just received from you.
I am frankly stunned at the amazing quality.I usually pay £150 for a cashmere mix- good for you as I will definately buy more- bad for me as I now think I may be horribly addicted to your fabulous site. I will try to buy in moderation. It will be hard.
Thanx so much
Caroline Douglas
My red polo neck sweater arrived safely today – just as beautiful as the other items I have ordered from you.

Thank you & kind regards

Dora Prebensen