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The cashmere pashmina stole in 100% pure cashmere is one of our most popular pashminas. This is mainly due to it’s versatile size. It works very well either as a scarf or open as a stole.
The material is 100% pure cashmere. The cashmere is not brushed, so it will have maximum durability, and it will even improve the more you use it. Pure cashmere is the softest and it is the warmest for it’s weight.

100% Cashmere Classic Pashminas

Bespoke 100% Cashmere Classic Pashmina

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100 Count Pashminas

Mypashmina Swatchbook

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£79.79  .

Hello Paul or Sarah

just to say this have arrived and I am DELIGHTED with it yet again. This makes my 4th cashmere stole from you!! - and one cashmere hoodie which is also much loved! - love this garden green - the colour I have tried to find for some time without success. Very pleased - thank you very much! - Will alwyas recommend this company to anyone. Lovely quality and pricing reasonable that makes one buy rather than just look....
best wishes

17th August 2007