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These are our most popular pashminas. We have about 60 colours in stock, and can make any other colour to order. They measure 27x80inches or 70x200cm. You can double it up and wear it as a scarf and surround your neck with piles of cosy cashmere. You can also wear it open and it will cover your back. The material is made with 70% cashmere and 30% silk. Adding some silk to the mix allows the weavers to weave the fabric a little tighter and means the fabric has a slight sheen. FREE overnight shipping in the UK.

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100 Count Pashminas

Mypashmina Swatchbook

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OMG, I have recieved your four beautiful pashminas! They are GORGEOUS! I have bought pashminas from different places, but I come back to you, no one meets your high quality. (Maybe one of the reasons is because they are made under decent working circumstances?).
Anyway, I am very fuzzy about colour (a professional defect, no doubt, I am an artist). I recieved a yellow stole in New Wheat, with makes my heart flip with joy everytime I look at it, it is such a happy colour. However, I am a fairly pale Swedish woman, and I would very much like to try the other yellow, that I fancied, Italian Straw, up close to my face. To see witch one is more flattering. So I will order that one now (I will not return the New Wheat until I have had them both up to my face to compare. I hope it is OK that I will then return one of them.
It goes without saying that I will not use them.

By the way, in a previous purchase, I also wasn't 100% sure about the colour, sent it back and ordered a specially dyed one. You were very flexible and friendly at the customer service. I can tell you that I wear that pashmina regulary. It is my favourite, and perfect for me.

Med vänliga hälsningar/ Yours sincerely,


6th March