Buy Pashminas with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a digital currency. It was the first one and it is the most popular.

We think it is a great idea, therefore we are currently offering a 10% discount to anyone who pays for their pashmina with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin FAQS

How do I buy some Bitcoins ?

There are many ways to buy bitcoins. I would suggest for your first bitcoins to use a site like or

How can I spend Bitcoins on pashminas?

Once you have bought some Bitcoins, you will need to transfer them to your smartphone wallet. I would recommend a wallet such as Mycelium or Blockchain. Then when you get to the checkout of the website you will be presented with a QR code. You simply open your Bitcoin wallet, point it at the QR code and confirm to send the funds. It is so simple and quick. The computer will immediately acknowledge receipt of the funds.

Why do you give me a 10% discount if I pay with Bitcoins ?

We like Bitcoins. We think they are what money will look like in the future. We think they have many benefits for the individual user and for the world, therefore we want to do what we can to encourage people to experience Bitcoins.

Are Bitcoins as safe as credit cards ?

Bitcoins are perfectly safe, much safer than a credit or debit card. It is trillions and trillions of times easier to guess someones 16 digit credit card number, expiry date and ccv code than it would be to guess a private key for a Bitcoin address.

How about refunds if I return a pashmina which I paid for with Bitcoin ?

You can choose whether to have your refund in fiat money or Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is a digital currency. Here is an article called ‘Bitcoin explained so a 5 year old understands’. It is quite long, but great if you want to understand in some detail.

How can I find out more about Bitcoin ?

Just google it. There is so much on the web now. Also, if you want to call us we would be happy to explain.